Friday, April 18, 2008

does it ever end?

We're going to look at house #2 today at two. Then, we have a decision to make: new construction vs. house #2. I am in LOVE with house number two. It was built in the 50's and it is just a really cool house. My only reservations are that it backs up to a highway and that it's really only a 2 bed with an office. The new construction is 3 bed with an office. So, we don't have much room to grow into house #2. Not that we have any growing going on at the moment, but we'll probably be in this house for 5 years so I'm hoping our family has expanded a little by then.

We do have a back-up plan now. People keep asking me what we're going to do if things don't work out. Until now, I didn't know. I really don't like back up plans...I feel like it means I'm planning on things failing. But, given we close on our house in 12 days, and the new construction house is the only one that we could move into that quickly, we need a plan B. So, we figure if we have to, we'll move our stuff into storage and just live with my parents for a few weeks. They live an hour away from the city, but Heath is in Chicago every other week for the next year (more on that in a minute) and can work from home when he is home. I just got a job at Pier 1, but hopefully I could do all of my shifts on consecutive days and just stay with a friend. So, that's plan B. Hopefully we won't need plan B, but we've got it just in case.

Yes, you read that right: Heath is scheduled to work in Chicago every other week for the next year. I'm already pushing for him to find another job. I just can't imagine getting settled into a new house AND possibly starting IVF with him halfway across the country. As of now, he'll be gone bi-weekly for the next few months. The location could change to Dallas, which would be better, but it's still not home.

On a happy note, my very bestest best friend is scheduled to be induced on the 22nd! I can't wait to meet my beautiful little niece, Gracie!

And, a shout out to my other very bestest best friend who's decided to give blogging a try. I love you, my dear! Drive safe ;)


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you - I know it will all work out.