Wednesday, April 30, 2008

but wait! there's more!

I warned you, my head was swimming in my previous post, so I've since thought of a few things to add.

I went to the Kanye West concert Tuesday night (which was awesome by the way!) and had a missed call from our realtor. Turns out he was calling because the city was no longer allowing any new occupants in our soon-to-be neighborhood because there weren't sidewalks on the main road outside of the addition. Excuse me? What does that have to do with anything? Luckily, our builder mentioned that since this was likely to put off closing he would let us store our stuff in the garage and he'd put us up in a hotel. This little blip still hasn't been taken care of, but since we can't close tomorrow, hopefully it won't put a kink in our plans with a new closing date. I still can't get over it though... so weird.

Also, up until today, we didn't even know if we were going to be able to close on our house tomorrow anyway. The mortgage company kept telling us that they were "trying their best" to get things done in time, but it could be as late as the 5th when we closed! So, we've luckily had a back up plan this whole time.

Heath FINALLY finished the repairs from the TRR yesterday. We ended up with no hot water for 2 1/2 days, spending a couple hundred on a plumber, and a lot of headache and all because our buyers wanted a drip pan under the hot water heater. Obviously it was not as easy as just laying a freakin' metal pan under the thing. What a mess!

Ya know, I keep saying that this new house is only our "4 year house", but this has been such a nightmare we might just stay there forever. Surely we'll grow out of it, but we'll just slap some additions on and call it good.

On a happy note, Heath and I decided to try to take out a small personal loan to cover the wood floors and new fridge. The builder has agreed to do the floors for an amazing price of $2K! So, hopefully that will work out and we'll have those gorgeous birch cappuccino floors after all!

So, I think that's all. We've almost finished packing. Movers are coming at 2 tomorrow so we should have plenty of time in the morning to finish up. I'm hoping I have nothing else house-related to post any time except that we're in and all is well!


Anonymous said...

You can't move in because they don't have sidewalks?! How bizarre!

At least everything is worked out - a blip, but nothing you couldn't handle. ;)

marital.bless said...

Oh my gosh woman! You guys just want a place to live!! I'm glad you're finagling your floors, they sound beautiful!

Kim said...

Erin - I can't believe all that has happened to you. It all works out for the best in the end. Hopefully in 4 years the housing market will be up so you can get a good return on the place so you can buy that charming older home