Sunday, March 30, 2008

my new love.

I've heard of Etsy, but never really checked it out. Until today. I'm in love. I found the coolest little store and bought this fab print. Check it out.
Now I'm just trying to decide where it will go, since it would look amazing in every room of our house (or future house).

p.s. Our dream house went off the market today. But don't fret, we've already found another :) Aaaaand, we have a sign in front of our yard now. Oh, and our kitchen looks fabuloso! I'll post pics when I get a (find my) camera!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

too bad I don't have a birthday coming up.

I was looking through old posts and realized that all of my posts are kind of depressing. So, since I seem to hate my life so much right now, I'm going to post some things that I love at the moment.
Like this adorable rain coat from J.Crew.

Also J.Crew. How stinkin' cute is this dress?

I have no dressy casual pants and I am loving these. (J.Crew)

I must have this hot little dress from Urban Outfitters. Good thing I get my sister's friends and family discount :)

The perfect little summer sandal. (Urban Outfitters)

I've been drooling over this purse for awhile now. (Also, UO)

Love this wallet! It adds the perfect pop of color. (U.O.)

And, now for a few house things that I need as well...

I think I will have to purchase this rug, in orange, when we get into our new house. (Pottery Barn)

I've been eying this PB rug for ages.... ::sigh::

Okay, now I'm depressed that I can't afford these things right now. So, my happy post just ended up making me sad. Not really. But aren't they wonderful?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The most expensive husband ever.

That's right. Heath is the most expensive husband ever. That's what I've decided.

And, we're halfway done with tiling our kitchen! It looks fab, if I do say so myself! Here's a little teaser pic. Excuse the mess, please.
And here's a close-up of our fancy new countertop:
Maybe Heath and I can start doing tiling work on the side to pay for his expenses (i.e. funky shoulder, crushed bumper....etc.)?
That's all for now. :)

rollin' with the punches.

It's just one thing after another!

Heath got in a wreck on Monday evening. He rear ended someone. There's not a lot of damage to his truck, and the people he hit didn't seem to care about the damage to theirs. They didn't speak English, and we doub they have car insurance. So, I luckily we probably won't be hearing from any insurance companies about fixing their car. I guess that's a plus.

Heath also just found out he has to have surgery on his shoulder. He injured his shoulder a while ago lifting weights. He's gone to an orthopedic surgeon a few times and they just recommended Physical Therapy. When it didn't get any better, they did an MRI and artherogram. He went today for follow-up and apparently he tore his labrum really badly. It's not going to get any worse, so we can wait awhile for the surgery, but it isn't going to heal on it's own. So, we'll just add that to our list of expenses that are piling up.

As I mentioned before, our realtor talked us into replacing our countertops. While I was in Dallas Monday for Sarah's graduation (Congrats, sister!) the guys came over to install the counters. Heath was planning on tiling the backsplash himself, but my dad decided to head back to the city Monday night to help out while my mom and I celebrated in Dallas. I get a call from them at 9:00 am about how horrible the counters look. After a lot of drama, it turns out that my father and Heath like to exaggerate. I was scared to see the counters when I got home on Tuesday but they look great. Soooo much better than the faux butcher block. But, due to some "inperfections" in the counter installation, we were a little nervous about doing the tiling ourselves. After getting some astronomical quotes (it's only 21 square feet), we decided to give it a shot. It's coming along slowly, but Heath and I make pretty good amateur tilers! I'll post pics when we're done. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I also finally got referred to an RE! My appt is in the middle of April so I'm looking forward to finally having a plan. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Matched!

I matched at OU - OKC in Pediatrics! The Match Day ceremony was very anti-climactic for us, but we're very excited! Even though, I was 99.99% sure I would end up at OU, there was a small part of me that knew anything could happen. We're really happy with our match and I know our families are happy too. Here are some pics from the event. The real partying begins later...

Here we are with my bag 'o goodies containing my match...
Here I am about to find out where I matched!
The match was written on the inside of the little party-blower thing!
I matched at OU!
And they gave me presents already!

More exciting news: We put our house on the market yesterday! Our realtor talked us into replacing our 1970's fake butcher block counter tops in the kitchen. I didn't feel like putting the money/time into it, but I agree that they've got to go. So, we're having someone come over today to knock out the old counters and we should have some bright, shiny new ones by Wednesday! We've already found our dream house and we're working on getting pre-approval so we can make an offer. So, send us some good house-selling and money-getting vibes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a big bite.

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has been hectic lately. We went to the Rum Runner ball with some good friends, went on a vacation to Vegas with a couple friend of ours, Dallas for a wedding, I started a new rotation, threw a baby shower for my bestest friend, started a kickball team, planned Match Day (which is March 20th, by the way!!!)....and that's only half of it. I've obviously bitten off more than I can chew. I haven't posted since we submitted our match list. We decided to stay in OKC. I finally decided that since I couldn't really make up my mind on either place, it made sense to stay where I knew we were happy. That place just happens to be Oklahoma :) and I'm okay with that.

We haven't had much breakthrough on the fertility front. Heath had a repeat SA done last week which showed no change. He missed his original appointment with the urologist (which was supposed to be the day we returned from Vegas). He was able to reschedule for today. Hopefully waiting until today for his appointment allowed the little spermies some time to sober up! I had been hoping that after today's appointment we would at least have some direction in all of this. I thought that after today, I would call my OB/GYN and say "Ok, tell me which RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to see and let's get this show on the road". But that wasn't the case. They did an ultrasound and found no abnormalities...and a few other exams that he'd probably rather me not talk about :). Heath is scheduled to have blood work tomorrow to check his hormones. So, hopefully we're getting closer to a reason and a plan. I can't help but think that every day without seeing a specialist is a day wasted. I think I've come to terms with the fact that we will get pregnant through is our pregnancy destiny. Heath feels differently. He is positive that this MIF (male infertility) is temporary and we will soon be back on our way to baby makin'. For his sake, and the sake of future pregnancies, I hope it is temporary. But for right now, I'm ready to move on. I don't want to go back to trying the 'ol fashioned way if his sperm return to normal. He doesn't understand, but I just can't go back to living my life in two week increments. Counting down the days until I ovulate...praying that it worked this month...and then the disappointment when I start my period.

I'm still just praying for patience. Patience that allows me to sit back and let God's plan slowly, but surely unravel. I'm trying to take it a day at a time. But each day my desire to be a mom just grows. When we first started trying to get pregnant, I was just excited about decorating a nursery and just being pregnant. Now, I just want to hold a baby of my own. It's hard finding out that friend after friend has gotten pregnant. It's bitter sweet. I am so happy for them, but it makes my pain seem so much deeper. I know this post is all over the place, but that's how I feel right now. I've got a lot on my plate...and I'm just trying to digest it all.