Wednesday, April 30, 2008

darn you, murphy.

Murphy's Law: "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".

I'll elaborate when we get back from signing our house away.

Addendum: Sorry to leave you all in suspense. My head is swimming right now and I don't even know where to start. Basically we aren't closing on "our" house tomorrow. The appraisal was too low and the mortgage company can't approve us for the amount we need to include down payment and closing cost assistance. So, we're trying to work something out. We probably won't get those lovely wood floors I wanted or that fancy fridge we picked out yesterday. We also got about 75% less at closing than we were expecting because our mortgage company charged us a $1,600 early repayment fee. So, today's been a bad day. I'm not sure how much more we can take.

We're moving to Lawton for 5 or 6 days. Hopefully some R&R with the fam will ease my troubled soul. Keep us in your prayers please.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I hope it's nothing too terrible...

leah @maritalbless said...

Gah! Erin, I'm in suspense and praying for you guys.

leah @maritalbless said...

Oh hun. I'm so sorry to hear that. Stupid freaking real estate industry! I hope that the time with the family will soothe your heart a bit and that you'll be fine without the floor/fridge so long as everything else goes through!