Thursday, April 17, 2008


We had the inspection today and the house was a bust. There was so much wrong with that house,that it will never sell. The genious "well known house flipper" who is selling it didn't even have an inspection on the house when he bought it. He bought it blindly, put some lipstick on it and slapped a price tag on. There was no way we could go through with the deal because we'd be sitting on 1,900 square feet of liability. I guess it's a good thing that I posted on the nest earlier today that "I'm not loving my new house..." since it's not my new house!

We're back at square one. We went and looked at a new construction, and it was just "eh". I'm usually totally against new construction (no offense to those of you that have it, it's lovely, but I'm all for some old house charm) but we're running out of options here. We close on our precious little house in 13 days and we need a house now, damnit! This house was really nice and for a great price, but it's just waaaay on the edge of town. For most of you, a 30 minute commute to work is nothing, but I'm used to the 3 mile drive I have now. So, there is still the 'ol house #2 that we were going to make an offer on, but found out with wasn't worth what they're asking. They have since lowered the price and we're taking another look at it tomorrow.

I took about 50 pics of the house today at the beginning of the inspection and then promptly deleted them.
So, no house pics like I promised because there is no house!


Anonymous said...

Oh no Erin. I'm so so sorry. I can't imagine how badly you are stressing out right now. I know it's hard not to, but try not to rush a decision. I completely agree with you about new construction - I don't really like it, I love old house charm - and I would hate to buy a new construction just cause I was in a rush and then hate it the whole time I lived there. :( Is there anyway you guys could possibly rent for maybe 3 months, giving you time to find something you really love? I know it's not ideal, but better than buying a house you aren't head over heals with...