Monday, April 21, 2008

birch cappuccino

I went by the house today to get a drawer to take with me to pick out the wood floors. I think they're going to look amazing. They're the wider 3" planks in birch with a cappuccino stain. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I walked around the house for awhile today while I was there and I've decided that I'm really starting to love it. I think when we get our stuff moved in it will look great.

Heath left again this morning for Chicago. This week won't be so bad because I'm leaving tonight to go to Dallas for Beka's induction. So, I'm planning on spending the whole week down in Dallas with my favorite girls. It should be a blast!

And, since I'm super excited about decorating our new house, check out this amazing guest bedroom I saw on HGTV's Deserving Design:


Sea Squared said...

Once you get your things moved in and start making it "yours" I think you'll love it even more!

Have fun with your girls! Good times!

marital.bless said...

Bah. I totally replied to this earlier!

marital.bless said...

Lol, I love love love that room and I think the wood is going to be beautiful!