Friday, April 25, 2008

saving Grace.

Rebekah gave birth to my beautiful "niece" Grac(i)e Ann on Wednesday at 6:00pm. She is a perfect 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. I do believe I've not seen a prettier baby in quite some time, if ever. I am in love. I ended up spending the whole week in Dallas because I just couldn't get enough of that beautiful baby and my wonderful friends.

Beka ended up having a C-section after laboring for about 6 hours. Gracie's heart rate dropped a few times and the doc decided to just take her via cesarean. Gracie spent the first night with her amazing parents, but had a few episodes of choking and apnea so she was moved to the NICU to be monitored. Poor Mama is worried sick about her, so keep them in your prayers. Gracie is doing great and will probably go home with her parents on Saturday, but I'm sure Beka and Chris will be too worried about her to sleep.

I am already counting down the days until my next trip. I am so blessed by my friends and their families. I feel like I am overflowing with joy today. God, please hold on to that baby girl tight and keep her safe.

Daddy talking to Gracie a few minutes after she was brought into this world. And probably the only pic this child will ever take without a giant bow on her head ;)

Holding the little princess for the first time.

Miss Gracie Ann.

Seriously, who looks this glamorous two days after a c-section?

Me and my two very best friends : Beka and Courtney.

Courtney and I spotted this sign on our way home from the hospital Wednesday night.


Jeremy and Mindy said...

What a precious little baby girl, and a mom that looks really good just days after a c-section, that's amazing!

Miss JC said...

Wow! She really is beautiful. What a scary thing to go through! And how does Bekah manage to look so good after all of that? haha I hope you are doing well, and I will keep them in my prayers...


PS: check out my blog:)

Sea Squared said...

Awww, she's soooo precious!

marital.bless said...

Seriously, that child is beautiful. But c'mon look how good her mom is doing so shortly after, those are some good genes!

The Bullard's said...

I will say, she is the most beautiful baby to ever be born! We are having fun at home and can't wait for Aunt Erin to come back. We put our blog up even though it is not finished and cute yet. It is under construction, but you can still visit!