Wednesday, April 2, 2008

not so yay.

I met our realtor at a house we're interested in and he gave me the offer. 102K. We're asking 110K. And, they want us to leave our curtains (which is standard) AND the breakfast nook cushions. That's a good $1,000 worth of stuff. I'm okay with leaving it, but not when they're offering 8K less than we asked for! We countered back for 107K and now I'm having second thoughts. I kind of wish we would have said "No, we're in no rush to sell and it's only been on the market 2 days. The offer stands at 110K". Plus, my D&R girls have been really encouraging about me sticking to my guns on the offer. So, I am hoping they counter back or say no. That way we can be done with it and see what else comes along. I would love for our house to be open over a weekend and maybe even have an open, we'll see. If they accept, we'll still be getting a little higher than the lowest we agreed to take. I just know if we're getting an offer this soon, we surely have more to come. Keep your fingers crossed!


marital.bless said...

Boo to stupid people. I'm really anxious to hear how they respond. At least you guys are still above your lowest, if it happens, it happens. In the long run . . . it's a few $K, between you and a new house! :) Lol, I know a few $k.