Sunday, September 21, 2008

playing catch up.

I've been a bad blogger lately. sorry. Not much to blog about really. So, here is about a month's worth of pictures.

And, happy birthday to me today!

We went out to eat with all the interns for the Sept. birthdays. Cheesecake Factory, yum!

Shots for the girls. Christa, Sarah, me.

Pre-Birthday Dinner shot of me and the husband.

These pics are out of order. But this is Meredith and I after we polished off our pitchers.

Graham Colton/Jewel concert.

Some med school friends were in town so we had a girl's night. When we got to the bar, the bartender informed us that we had 15 minutes of happy hour left. So, we were each going to order two beers. He then told us that pitchers were cheaper and I said "Ok, we'll take 4!". So, we each had our own!

First OU game with Tim and Sarah.

Boomer Sooner!

It started POURING at half time and we ran back to the truck in the monsoon.

Me and the wonderful Mr. Graham Colton.

That's all for now. Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did!


Erin said...

happy birthday Erin! i hope you have a great day. i love the dark hair!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new hair!!!! Happy birthday. I hope this year is filled with blessings like you can't even imagine.

mrs.leah.maria said...

I've been thinking of you girl! Love the new hair color, the adorable pics of you and the hubs, and the pitchers! The pitcher shot is great, but well so is the soaking wet pic. In a total non saphic way, you look hot!

Oh and happy birthday!

The Longs said...

Wow...I almost didn't recognize you with the dark hair! Looks good on you! Happy Bday girly...hope you got my card! Love ya!

Sea Squared said...

Love the pics! We need to get together and party. We'd have a HOOT together, I just know it.

Leslie G said...

You are such a hottie!! Happy Birthday to you!! woot woot!

HBee said...

Hi... I've ran across your cute blog through others. I'm also from Oklahoma and a Sooner fan!

The Bo. Family said...

You met Graham Colton!? Cute hair! :)

RachelShingleton said...

LOVE your dark hair!

HBee said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! Looks like a GREAT month! :)