Saturday, September 6, 2008

the name game.

For all of you pregnant mothers out there still in search of a unique, but beautiful baby name: search no more!

I came across the Holy Grail of unique baby names in the ER this weekend. Here are a few of the little gems:

Ganaria (say it out it.)

Clitoria - this is Ganaria's mother. Seriously.

Joy in the time of sorrow (yes, that is a first name, a BOY's first name)


Yourmajesty (could you imagine marrying this guy...ugh.)

Two brothers : Money & Million.

Three brothers: Mister, Sir and Duke



Elwee (the THIRD! Two other people named their children this...)


Jack Daniels

Liam (pronounced "yum" after his father William)


Desmccq (pronounced "Des", obvs)

Satin Deer

Thyme (pronounced "Timmy")



Little Angel

Unique (not as unique as the other ones I've seen, dear)

D'nasty Foley (as in foley catheter...yes, they are nasty)

Dickinya (O.M.G)

Here's a middle name in case you're stuck on those too: Tvfvhvtke. Yeah, you got me on that one.

There are pages upon pages of names of kids with crazy names that have come into the Children's ER over several years. While I couldn't help but laugh out loud at several of these creative (?) names, I felt bad for the poor children who suffered because of them. I mean, how do you think little Ganaria did in high school? And, I've got dibs on D' don't you beeches take it, ya hear?


Cathy and Marshall said...

And I thought having not one, but two patients named Sparkle was bad! Seriously - Dickinya!?!? Wow. Thanks for the entertainment!

etxwife said...

Wellll, Erin. Those are something else. If you ever have a patient that is having trouble thinking of a name, though, I have a suggestion you can give them. There is a student at my mom's school who had a baby. She named her L-a.

That's pronounced Ladasha, of course.

jackie said...

I'm a lurker, but I had to comment on this one...

My friend is a nurse and she had two girls come in with theses names:

pronounced "PA-sha-may", spelled Pajama

pronounced "Shi-THEED" spelled Shithead

Who does this!!?? Thanks for sharing!

Crystal said...

wow... those are worse than the ones that i've seen teaching... and i've seen some bad ones! i've also heard the Shi-THEED one... Shithead... and they really expect these children to be successful and get good paying jobs?? no way!

Julia said...

Ridiculous world we live in, but quite entertaining!

Erin said...

I once went to school with a girl whose first name was Adayin,which is cute and original. But when you consider her middle name is Holly and her last name is Wood... Adayin Holly Wood (a day in holly wood). Its sad to see what parents think is cute.

The Bo. Family said...

Haha! Those are too much. My Mom could write a book of all the names she heard over the years teaching. I think my two faves would have to be:

Strange (pronounced Strawn-jay)
Ribbon (oh yes, as in a ribbon in your hair!)

Poor kiddos!!

Rebecca Taylor said...

These are hilarious!!! What are people thinking?!

Kristal said...

I seriously do not even have words for this...

mrs.leah.maria said...

You have no idea how many "Are you SERIOUS?"'s I got from Tony as I read that list outloud. Ridic.

Two of a Kind said...

I call Dickinya!

Abby said...

oH GOOD GOLLY!!! What are those parents thinking!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Also Erin, I'm completely fine with your active stalking of me, because you know I only want to do the same to you. :)

Much love.

Jeremy and Mindy said...

omg, that's too much...I seriously starting laughing out loud at a few!

Miss Jumper said...

BAhahaha. I have a post just like this one a few months back. I'm still naming my baby Pineapple Glitterbomb. Deal with it.

Bluebird said...

There was an RN on the unity I interned on this last summer named Happy. I really thought it was a joke when I walked in and saw the name on the board...but it wasn't.

This is more sad than funny...but my mom had a student who's name was Pajama...apparentely the mother saw the "name" some where and thought it was pronounced Pā-jama, not realizing it was really a word describing something you wear.

Lex 'n Gil said...

Oh Erin... don't forget Tityona... That's my fav!