Friday, August 8, 2008

So I lied.

I guess I won't be blogging more now that I'm on an easier rotation. In fact, I haven't blogged at all. Instead, I've been obsessed with reading blogs. I have added more blogs to my google reader (which if you don't should) in the last week than I can count.

If I can pry myself away from my little laptop long enough to do anything, I should be doing dictation that is still leftover from my month on the wards. But, reading blogs is so much more interesting that dictating.

I did have a good weekend off last weekend. My favorite part was laying out by the pool. My porcelin skin missed the feel of the sun beaming down. Since I've been stuck in the hospital for a month, I wasn't used to the heat, let alone the triple digit temps we've been having. So, I left the weekend a little sunburnt and a little hungover, but thoroughly relaxed.

This weekend will unfortunately be spent in the ER. I work both Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I'll see something interesting I can blog about. Until then, I've got nothing.

Oh, I did order the console table from Target I've been eyeing. It's an identical knock-off of this Pottery Barn one, and I love it! It was my first, first paycheck purchase!


mrs.leah.maria said...

I approve of your purchase . . . but not your lack of blogging! At least you've been commenting so I know you're alive. :)

ptg said...

I love that table, it's gorgeous!

G+D said...

Beautiful table! Hope you have a good weekend!

kari said...

Love the table!

etxwife said...

Ohh I've missed you Erin! If you happen to have my blog on your list, I switched over to Wordpress so my new blog address is

hope to see you blogging more soon!

N. said...

I just came across your blog, and sat here reading your journey thus far. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and triumphs. I look forward to see where life takes you.