Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Matched!

I matched at OU - OKC in Pediatrics! The Match Day ceremony was very anti-climactic for us, but we're very excited! Even though, I was 99.99% sure I would end up at OU, there was a small part of me that knew anything could happen. We're really happy with our match and I know our families are happy too. Here are some pics from the event. The real partying begins later...

Here we are with my bag 'o goodies containing my match...
Here I am about to find out where I matched!
The match was written on the inside of the little party-blower thing!
I matched at OU!
And they gave me presents already!

More exciting news: We put our house on the market yesterday! Our realtor talked us into replacing our 1970's fake butcher block counter tops in the kitchen. I didn't feel like putting the money/time into it, but I agree that they've got to go. So, we're having someone come over today to knock out the old counters and we should have some bright, shiny new ones by Wednesday! We've already found our dream house and we're working on getting pre-approval so we can make an offer. So, send us some good house-selling and money-getting vibes!


marital.bless said...

HOLY.CRAP. You move fast! They'll be replaced by Wed?! Where is this dream house and what does it look like?!