Thursday, March 27, 2008

rollin' with the punches.

It's just one thing after another!

Heath got in a wreck on Monday evening. He rear ended someone. There's not a lot of damage to his truck, and the people he hit didn't seem to care about the damage to theirs. They didn't speak English, and we doub they have car insurance. So, I luckily we probably won't be hearing from any insurance companies about fixing their car. I guess that's a plus.

Heath also just found out he has to have surgery on his shoulder. He injured his shoulder a while ago lifting weights. He's gone to an orthopedic surgeon a few times and they just recommended Physical Therapy. When it didn't get any better, they did an MRI and artherogram. He went today for follow-up and apparently he tore his labrum really badly. It's not going to get any worse, so we can wait awhile for the surgery, but it isn't going to heal on it's own. So, we'll just add that to our list of expenses that are piling up.

As I mentioned before, our realtor talked us into replacing our countertops. While I was in Dallas Monday for Sarah's graduation (Congrats, sister!) the guys came over to install the counters. Heath was planning on tiling the backsplash himself, but my dad decided to head back to the city Monday night to help out while my mom and I celebrated in Dallas. I get a call from them at 9:00 am about how horrible the counters look. After a lot of drama, it turns out that my father and Heath like to exaggerate. I was scared to see the counters when I got home on Tuesday but they look great. Soooo much better than the faux butcher block. But, due to some "inperfections" in the counter installation, we were a little nervous about doing the tiling ourselves. After getting some astronomical quotes (it's only 21 square feet), we decided to give it a shot. It's coming along slowly, but Heath and I make pretty good amateur tilers! I'll post pics when we're done. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I also finally got referred to an RE! My appt is in the middle of April so I'm looking forward to finally having a plan. I'll keep you posted!


dancerdiva said...

Good Luck selling the house! I know how stessful it can be, but it is well worth it in the end! I will be praying that your hosue sells very quickly!