Saturday, March 29, 2008

too bad I don't have a birthday coming up.

I was looking through old posts and realized that all of my posts are kind of depressing. So, since I seem to hate my life so much right now, I'm going to post some things that I love at the moment.
Like this adorable rain coat from J.Crew.

Also J.Crew. How stinkin' cute is this dress?

I have no dressy casual pants and I am loving these. (J.Crew)

I must have this hot little dress from Urban Outfitters. Good thing I get my sister's friends and family discount :)

The perfect little summer sandal. (Urban Outfitters)

I've been drooling over this purse for awhile now. (Also, UO)

Love this wallet! It adds the perfect pop of color. (U.O.)

And, now for a few house things that I need as well...

I think I will have to purchase this rug, in orange, when we get into our new house. (Pottery Barn)

I've been eying this PB rug for ages.... ::sigh::

Okay, now I'm depressed that I can't afford these things right now. So, my happy post just ended up making me sad. Not really. But aren't they wonderful?


marital.bless said...

Don't be depressed! Think of how other moments and actions make you happier than you ever would be, even if you had everything that you just posted! :)

dancerdiva said...

I love that dress and wallet!