Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's starting to feel like fall. We've got a 'cold front' in Oklahoma, with temps dipping down to a frigid 51 right now...back up to the mid 70's the rest of the week. Brrrrr ;)

I'm in my happy place today. I've got the day off and I'm trying to get some stuff done around the house. I've got my iTunes playlist turned all the way up, I'm using the heater for the first time in our new house and cooking some crockpot salsa chicken. We (that means Heath) finally got the antique desk that we bought refinished and moved into the office. So, I'm hoping I can make the office look photo-worthy today and maybe you'll get a peak of our amazing vintage find.

Don't worry, the post about my Bubbles is coming soon. But, I kind of lied about it being my next post.


Sea-Squared said...

Enjoy your day off Erin! Your crockpot salsa chicken sounds d-lish! What time shall I be over for dinner?

Can't wait to see the office!

I just tagged you - you're it! :P

HBee said...

Yea! Can't wait to see the desk!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oooh salsa chicken, I've been dying to try it!

I had to lol that you turned the heater on! We're waking up to 45 degree mornings with the windows open and loving it! :)

The desk sounds fabulous, I can't wait to see it!