Wednesday, June 11, 2008

plan b.

Once again, I was feeling empty and God managed to point me in the right direction to be filled again. I've spent the last several hours reading, crying, praying and finding strength in another's sorrow.

If you do nothing else today, watch this video. It's long, but so worth it. I stumbled across Angie Smith's blog today and cannot begin to describe the inspiration I have found from it. I, obviously, have not suffered the loss of a child, but I have felt loss and hopelessness in my journey to become a mother. God does not have a plan B, He has a plan. It might not mirror our own, but I pray that I am able to approach this plan with an ounce of the strength, humility and praise that Angie and her family has.

This video was done as part of a series at Cross Point Church. I found the video here.

Smith Family Story from Matthew Singleton on Vimeo.


The Bullard's said...

I meant to tell you about this blog. I read it right before Gracie was born and bawled for hours. I am so glad that you found it now in God's timing, when he knew you needed it. Love you!

The Bullard's said...

I am so proud of how you have used this experience in your life to cling to God and find His plan for you and Heath. I have been thinking about you a lot today and just praying for a comfort that will take the place of any anxiousness. I am so proud of you. I pray that I always stay humble enough to remember these times in my life where it feels like the bottom has dropped out and it hurts so bad but God showed His face not just in the ending, but in the whole journey. I love you. XOXO.

Art and Soul Photography said...

i know i will hug auburn a little tighter after watching that story.
i plan on sharing it with many. thanks you for posting it!

Rachel said...

This is a beautiful story. My heart aches for them, but I only pray if I was confronted with such devistating news my faith would stay so in tact. thank you for sharing.

kristy said...

I found Angie's blog in May after having a miscarriage a few months before. We had been TTC for 18 months at that time. I know that I would not have been handle what the Smith family has had to endure. It definitely made me thank God for the many blessings that He has provided.