Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just the three of us.

Thanks so much for all the comments. You were right. All of you, for different reasons.

We decided not to go any further. I asked around today and the kiddo really does need quite a bit of care medically, not to mention the mental and emotional aspects of it all.

I think I knew last night that it wasn't the right thing for us, but Heath was game from the second he heard there was a little boy that needed placement. So far, each time we've gotten an "offer" (not sure what other word to use....) Heath has been the one to say "YES!" right away and I'm more level headed. We're both very emotionally driven when it comes to decisions, but thankfully I've learned to step away from the situation, evaluate and then move forward with my emotions in check.

I just appreciate the honesty and prayer you lent us and for not saying that I'm out of my mind even though I'm sure it appeared that way! Part of what I love about blogging is the feedback as well as the clarity that comes with just typing it out.

I can definitely see us moving forward with something like this in the not so distant (i.e. 6 months to a year or two) future but this just wasn't the right time or the right kiddo. Regardless, it's taught me that what I knew or thought I knew for our future family isn't what will necessarily be. I assumed we would have our own children and then adopt one day. That plan changed to adoption and then IVF for bio kids. Now I could see adopting a brood and being perfectly content. Who knows what God has in store, but it's exciting to see it unfold.


The Longs said...

Wonderfully said! Love you friend! I need to plan a trip to visit you very soon!!!! Give me some dates you're free!

Kristy said...

Again I'm completly with you and know how heart wrenching not to mention confusing at least in our case one week I felt like DHS finally got it and in a blink our workers tone would change. I can remember each time worker would call and say something that would literally crush me, in terms to the bio mom. Sorry this comment is really geared to your last post, but the deciding what placement to take and not take is a tough, I can never say no in my case I have to say let me talk to my husband and I think DHS knows now that probally means no. Hang in there and thank you for doing what you are doing!

Two of a Kind said...

Erin, I love you and you are doing great! You guys have the whole Griffith family praying that J ends up in the best place - and you know where I think that is : )
Let me know when you have a day off next and we can have another play date!

Molly said...

So glad you all found clarity in this and know what you can and cannot take will depend on each situation.

You will quickly find that these children, regardless of how they come to you, are your "own" and are not your "own" at the same time. They are all God's children regardless of how they come into your family.

I totally understand that feeling of loving adoption and never having the desire to have bio kids. In fact, Blake and I freak out about the idea of having bio lie!

noahandlylasmommi said...

so glad you are at peace with your decision. when the right little one comes along, you will know! (((hugs)))