Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My week off so far.

We went to Lawton to visit my parents. My sister who I miss dearly was in town for the weekend. We drove out to the Witchita Mts, saw some Buffali (I think that should be the plural for buffalo) and then explored Medicine Park a bit. Here are some pics.

Not sure why the lizard got so much love, but we couldn't wait to take our pics with him. I want one for my own backyard. And how adorable is that little house? There were tons of these cute little cottages built up the side of the mountain. I'll take one, please.

I headed back to Lawton on Monday to spend the day with Mom and Sis. We went antiquing and enjoyed some girlie time.

This evening I headed to the OKC Festival of Arts with my friend Natalie. We ate waaaaay too much food (upside-down pizza and cheesecake on a stick are my faves) and walked through the Myriad Gardens. I tried to be a fancy photographer and try out the Macro setting on my new point and shoot. Not too bad for a beginner.

Keeping myself busy hasn't kept my mind totally off baby stuff. But it has helped. We signed our contract with DHS yesterday and now we are officially waiting! Yay! We were told we could get a call as soon as Friday. We were also warned that we would be offered kids who were not in our requested age range (0-3months) and not to be afraid to say no. So, we're expecting to get a few offers before we bite.

I leave tomorrow for Dallas to see some of my favorite people in the world. The plan is to stay until Sunday for Miss Gracie's first birthday, but if I get a call for a baby, I'm hightailin' it back home and won't be too bummed about it.


Meredith said...

I hope you guys get a call soon! I'm loving that you feel like you can say "no" if you're offered a child out of your preferred range--keep those awesome boundaries girl!

Two of a Kind said...

Great news! I am so loving that after everything, we are going to have babies around the same time. Have fun in Dallas, but make sure you are getting some rest : ) You are going to be a busy gal pretty soon!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Yay for officially waiting! I absolutely love the pics with the lizard, there are no words for how cute you look!

Anonymous said...

#1 - I'm obviously severly out of the loop, because I thought your hair was still super dark. But from the pictures, I see you've lightened it. I like it!

#2 - Great flower shots! Love that orchid.

#3 - Yay for official waiting!!!!

Leslie G said...

When I first read you took a trip out to "wichita..." I gasped out loud and was like "she came to Wichita and didn't say anything"? I read further and saw "wichita mtns" and felt dumb. haha.
Anyway, great to hear you guys have done everything and now just wait for your little baby! I can't wait to see him/her!

Mrs.Dimple said...

I didn't know Lawton had Buffali! ;-)
And YAY for official waiting. You've been patiently un-officially waiting for lots of time - you deserve the officialness!

HG said...

Congrats on the official waiting status! Still praying you don't have to wait long!
I also LOVE that you called multiple buffalo buffali! Too funny!

Gina! said...

Heh, buffali. I think the plural for moose should be meese but Evan doesn't agree.

ezza said...

Your week off makes me want summer to get here, or spring break, lets just say vacation! YAY-your waiting is only a phone call away!

HBee said...

Medicine Park is such a cute little area. Or it was when I'd been prolly 10+ years ago. I'm glad that you had a good time with your family.