Monday, January 19, 2009

i just can't do it.

I can't blog. I just don't feel like it. I've been working my butt off - I racked in 93 hours the week of New Year's, but when I do have the time I just can't put fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper...get it?)

I have tons of things I want to post about. We had Heath's 30th birthday bash at the house last weekend and it was quite a success...except that the guest of honor ended up passed out around the toilet at 11:00 pm - I have pictures of that one!

We've been working on getting all our of our documents together to meet with a fostering agency. We've decided to go through an agency that specializes in infant and toddler foster care. We've yet to find out if there is a good chance of us fostering to adopt. Hopefully we'll have our documents and meet by the end of next week. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling before next month. I rotate through the newborn nursery in February and I am trying to prepare myself now for what I will see. I'm sure there will be tons of unwanted pregnancies, mom's with positive drug tests and young, unfit will be a rough month. I just hope that we have something brewing that can keep me preoccupied.

So, that's it. I'm here. Just avoiding blogging for some reason. Maybe I'll post a picture post to update on what we've been doing.

Keep us in your prayers...I have no idea what kind of time frame to expect with fostering, but we're hoping something happens soon!


kari said...

I hear ya girl, I just haven't been able to blog either. I've had no motivation. You are still in my prayers. My parents adopted my brother through fostering, I'll be thinking of you.

Julia said...

Girl, I don't blame you. I get burnt out from 40 hours per week. No worries! We'll still be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is exciting that you guys are getting ready for fostering infants and toddlers. I've always been interested in how that works, and even though I know it's different between states, I can't wait to read how it works. And how it goes for you guys!!

Meredith said...

I wish you guys the best with this, and I'll certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Feel free to shoot me a comment if you have any questions :)

Lisa said...

Hi There. I am not sure how I found your bog, but I too struggled with infertility and conceived a little boy through IVF. I just wanted to wish you success and tell you to NEVER give up on your dreams of becoming a Mom.

~ Lisa

Two of a Kind said...

Of course you are always in our prayers and we can't wait to see how all of this folds out for you!

Beka Bullard said...

I have felt the same way lately. No blogging for the besties!! I am praying everyday Eri!!