Monday, January 21, 2008

grandma shoes

I have some good news, finally! I went to see an orthopedic surgeon on Friday since my family practice doc didn't think my foot was healing as quickly as it should (or at all). I was sure I would end up with a cast or worse, a date for surgery. But, I was told that it was looking pretty good and I could actually start wearing a "stiff soled shoe". Unfortunately, I don't think I own any orthopedic shoes, and it's just as easy to wear my lovely boot. I'm actually growing quite fond of it. So, I'll continue to wear out all of my right shoes for at least another 3 weeks, but at least things are looking up.

Other news, I started working on my rank list today. I still don't have a clue what we're going to do. I go back and forth between OKC and Madison for my top choice almost daily. Just to make the decision more difficult, I think I'll post a little list of why I would love to spend the next three years in either location...
1. We're already here...which makes life a little easier.
2. I love the program at OU.
3. If we didn't move, we could afford to move in to a bigger, more family-friendly home...and soon! (which also means starting a family sooner!)
4. Close to family. This actually should probably be number 1, but moving away from them might not be so bad either ;) Really, I do love the idea of Heath and I being on our own for once...but that should go on the Madison list...nevermind.
5. OU Football! Ok, so that's not really on my list, but it's definitely one of the major reasons Heath wants to stick around. Don't tell him, but I'm actually starting to like going to OU games.

1. It would be really fun to move away for 3 years. I'm sure we'll come back, so it would just be a little extended vacation.
2. Brand spankin' new Children's Hospital.
3. Loved the people. I really felt like I fit in there.
4. It's just a cool city. Very educated, out-doorsy, and clean. Plus, amazing shopping and restaurants.
5. Go Packers! Thought I'd throw this on here just to even it out.

So, now do you see why this is so difficult? I guess we'll just see what happens.