Monday, April 7, 2008

finger foods.

Yesterday evening was quite eventful. We had a softball game, which we lost. I think we should stick to kickball. Then, Heath and I rushed home to cook dinner before meeting with our realtor to sign a lease. We ended up rushing to the emergency room instead! I mistook my finger for an onion (hence the title) and we went to the ER to make sure I didn't need stitches. They ended up just putting some steri-strips on it, giving me a tetanus shot and writing me a Rx for some antibiotics, but my finger is not pretty! I came close to losing the whole pad of my left ring finger. We'll see how it heals up. It's still bleeding, almost 24 hours later, so I might end up having to get it stitched up.

So, after that excitement, we finalized our offer on the house we're hoping to get. We still haven't heard anything, but since we're on a time crunch, we've only given them til 5:00 p.m today to give us an answer of some sort.

It's 3:41. And I'm still waiting. Here's hoping for an update soon!


marital.bless said...

Um . . . that doesn't sound nice. I hope the bleeding has stopped!

Amber said...

I have been reading your blog when I get a chance playing catch up on it for about a month now and like it a lot! I did the same thing to my finger and went through the same steps....shot, sterlite strips, the continuous bleeding, Ugh!